Marriage Delay Astrology

Every person anxiously awaits the time of this marriage and for the right person whom you can spend your life with together. So when you waited for the dream girl or dream boy but ended up getting rejected then you must take the help of the Marriage Delay Astrology. Astrological Reasons For Delay in Marriage . Marriage Delay Astrology. Ambika Jyotish believes that the time of marriage in one’s life is based on the Astrological planets and their position at the time of the birth of a person. Astrological knowledge says the 7th house of your birth chart denotes marriage. One must associate well with the planets linked with the marriage, love and relationship. However, if your planets are situated in such a way that they create an Astrological defect or “Dosh” then you will find that it is the only reason leading to the delay in marriage. So that is why people match the horoscope which is an important element of the Indian wedding as per the culture.
Marriage Delay Astrology will make a perfect balance of the astrological elements to remove any kind of imbalance which causes a delay in your marriage. There are specific mantras for both the boy and girl to recite, which must be recited in a pious atmosphere facing towards the east direction. By reciting the mantras the boy or girl will start to develop a positive attraction for each other. Marriage is an essential event in every human’s and it can adversely affect a person’s life when there is a delay in marriage. The elders will always check the compatibility between both the boy and girl by checking the birth charts to have a fair idea of how the association will be in the future. So everything in life including the marriage needs to be performed at the right time to avoid further issues in life.
Marriage Delay Astrology can identify those planets which cause a person to stay unmarried lifelong. Due to the rapid modernization and globalization due to the presence of western culture, it has changed the thinking pattern of the boys, girls and even their parents. Many parents give independence to their children regarding marriage. However one must always consult the Astrologer, who can guide you in the right manner after a proper study of your horoscope. It is better to rely on the Astrologer to take the marriage decision rather than doing it on your own and suffering from the wrong decision later.
Marriage Delay Astrology has many years of experience in Astrology has helped several couples to help make marriages at the right time. He has been writing many articles and published articles over his research in the field of Marriage Astrology. You can understand your favorable and unfavorable period suitable for your marriage by understanding the impact of the planetary position in your life. You can understand the doshas affecting your life then use the mantra chant to balance your life during the period of dosha. So if you want to make a move ahead and get married by removing all the problems in your life then contact the Astrologer today.